Cryptocurrency YouTube channels I watch

my favorite crypto currency YouTube channels

Since I started blogging about cryptocurrencies I found myself watching more and more videos on YouTube. The thing is, I never did much of that in the past, and always thought it was a total waste of time.

Maybe it remains true for watching random viral videos, but when it comes to gaining knowledge or finding out about the latest blockchain related news, YouTube is great.

These days, I have a few YouTube channels I watch on a weekly basis which helps to keep me up to speed. I thought I would make a quick blog post and share them with you.

If you find them worth anything, subscribe and click the notification bell to receive notifications every time they release new content. Also, keep in mind that the following information is based purely on my own opinion and you might not enjoy these channels as much as I do.

Blue Collar Crypto

I think the channel creator’s name is Jeremy and he’s not a developer, actually someone that owns a construction company. Like he’s said on previous occasions, his YouTube channel is just a hobby to him.

Blue Collar Crypto covers mostly a few specific projects like Elastos (ELA), NEO and also does general market updates. He’s also covered projects like EOS and DASH in the past.

This channel brings a fresh perspective on the market and the projects being covered. You can expect real reviews and real comparisons, definitely not reading an article like a news host.

Elastos is by far his biggest project – even so much that he went to the Elastos one year anniversary and spoke at some of their events. Blue Collar Crypto remains one of my favorite crypto YouTube channels.

Watch Blue Collar Crypto here.

Crypto Diggy

Crypto Diggy is probably one of the very first YouTube channels for cryptocurrency I ever started watching. It’s run by Dirk from the Keys To Freedom newsletter.

He’s done a few videos on technical analysis which are a great place to start learning. You’ll learn about wedges, double bottoms etc. Very basic stuff, but still much needed.

Besides that Crypto Diggy does weekly market updates where he covers some of the recent news, market results, a bit of technical analysis, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. He also does reviews and interviews with a bunch of different projects.

Watch Crypto Diggy here.

Investing with a difference

Investing with a difference is a channel that focuses mostly on EOS. I’m personally invested in EOS and like the project so I thought I needed to add a channel that focuses on the project.

The thing is that, although Investing with a difference talks about markets and news in general, which is great, most of the EOS talk is very technical. I don’t understand all of it, yet it is clearly run by people who know what they are talking about.

If you’re invested in EOS and want to understand the ins and outs of the project start watching videos from this channel.

Watch Investing With A Difference here.

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie, in my opinion, is the best news related cryptocurrency YouTube channel. What this content creator or K-Dub, that’s what he calls himself, does is, he basically releases videos on the latest market movements and news around the industry.

I don’t watch all his videos because they tend to be around 20 minutes and he releases at least one per day. I don’t have that much time, but at least once per week, I try to watch his videos.

It can get a bit too much trying to cram too lots of cryptocurrency news in your head, but Crypto Zombie is nice, funny and definitely not cocky. His videos are watchable and informative.

One video from him basically saves me a few hours on searching around the internet for cryptocurrency news that often tends to originate at one place and then gets curated to a bunch of blogs.

He also does a ton of interviews and live streaming events on his channel.

Watch Crypto Zombie videos here.

More channels you can consider

Alessio Rastani – 

Dallas Rushing –

What’s next?

Keep in mind that the crypto YouTube channels I listed here were to my own liking and based on my opinion. I’m sure there are many more that are worth adding, but I can only write about those I know.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any more channels you think I should be watching.