What Are ICO Picks & What To Look Out For?

ico picks

So you want to become an ICO millionaire? No promises, but a few good ICO picks and you might just be well on your way.


A picture showing a path to take for ICOsICOs have made many investors rich in 2017 and as such, more people are looking to invest.

However, not everyone stands to benefit from ICOs and there are some who will probably end up losing more money than gained.

In order to find ways to minimize this risk, investors have to do research on which is the best ICOs for 2018 to invest in. Alternatively, they could choose from a list of ICOs provided by websites or other investors.

So what are ICO picks? Generally, they are a list of upcoming ICOs which have been researched by a third party platform. They can be very convenient for people who are looking to invest in ICOs but lack the time required to do research on them.

Where Can You Find ICO Picks?

Nowadays, there are multiple platforms or websites that profess to provide good ICO lists. Only a few of them can be relied on. Platforms that are trustworthy are capable of providing investors with detailed information concerning current, upcoming, and previous ICOs.

These types of platforms will have done a deep and thorough research about ICOs through a variety of sources such as white papers, newsletters, the ICO’s website etc.

A good ICO listing website or platform is capable of catering to its viewers with the best ICO listing that is currently in the online market.

Here’s a demonstration of a few picks for 2018.


These sites publish lists of the top ICOs that are being offered after doing a complete and thorough research.

How Can You Find A Trustworthy Picks Platform?

block chain imageFinding a platform that offers ICO listings and recommendations can be easy. Finding one that is reliable is not.

Therefore, it is very important to choose your ICO picks platform as carefully as you would choose an ICO yourself.

To save you some time, we have researched and compiled a list of the top 3 ICO listing websites or platforms that you should consider.

Remember that these picks should only be used as guidelines and that in the end, you should formulate your own opinion based on the facts presented. I’m not presenting you with any financial advice. This is merely my own opinion.

1. TopICOList.com

TopICOList is an ICO listing website that gives a handpicked ICO listing of the best and upcoming dynamic ICOs. The token rage is very distinctive and so is the requirement for an ICO list that is adequately fortified on the coins.

The site ranks first among most investors who rely on ICO listings. It’s also a hotspot for information which can prove very useful to money-related professionals, specialists, and anyone else interested in ICOs.

2. Bestcoins.co

Bestcoins.co is a capable platform that can assist you when trying to learn which ICO to invest in. The organization itself consists of a group of ICO proprietors, financial specialists and technology experts.

When it comes to acquiring data, Bestcoins.co gets it all from each ICO’s official website, social networking channels, newsletters, and other various assets.

They then organize them in a way they can be easily understood which saves the average investor a lot of time.

3. ListICO.io

ListICO.io is a very popular ICO listing website. Their current and upcoming ICOs lists are updated daily. They have a lot of potential investors every day who look for the best ICO investing opportunities available.

They also provide useful information concerning ICOs in several ways such as their blog, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, newsletters, and key information on their official website.

Here’s a bit more information for you on picking ICOs. Remember many similar videos exist, so like this article, only use it as a guideline. Always do your own research.