Versa ICO VRX Airdrop Guide

The Versa ICO aims to provide credit and financing solution to trade markets using cryptocurrency. From my point of view, it can be seen as another crypto lending platform where people can lend their crypto for returns – at least according to their video.

They currently have a video on the Versa website that demonstrates the use of their system within their app. However, there is no voice-over. What you end up seeing is just a person clicking through a mobile app.

Either way, they are offering a simple token airdrop which didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to complete, so I’m creating the post anyway.

Their white paper might have more information:

Important note: Nothing critical to mention here. Just read carefully through all their terms and conditions on the airdrop page. Basically, you need to be a subscriber until the token sale is closed in order to claim your free tokens.

VRX Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: 80-100 VRX tokens

Total token value: $10 according to a third-party source.

What you need for the airdrop: Email address, Ethereum wallet, Twitter, Reddit account.

Referral program: I currently seem like they have no referral program for the airdrop.

Visit the VERSA airdrop page here. Next, you’ll need to follow them on Twitter, join their Telegram group and subscribe to their Reddit. Complete the process by filling out the form by entering all your username details, email and wallet address.