Triwer ICO TRW Airdrop Guide

TRW airdrop

Triwer is an e-commerce and logistics based blockchain project that aims to improve the efficiency of deliveries. It’s not the first block chain project that has tried to attempt this or something similar. However, the e-commerce and shipping industry is enormous, so there is definitely room for more than one player.

The TRW utility token works in conjunction with the Triwer platform. This platform will include a price comparison engine, personalized delivery experiences for shoppers with the integration of multiple stores and courier services. It all includes real-time delivery tracking features.

Through blockchain and decentralized technology, Triwer will further enable transparent agreements between logistics and shoppers while experiencing the inherent benefits of instant payments and more.

Take a look at the white paper if you feel blockchain can disrupt the online shopping industry. I definitely think it can. If it needs a $5-$25 million dollars to achieve that, no-one really knows. However, with all that funds, it could catapult them into success really quickly.

The video below is a short demonstration of how Triwer, their eco-friendly process, and shipping could work.

For a detailed overview of the company and what they aim to achieve, this video explainer should help you learn more.

Important note: Keep in mind that United States and Chinese residents can’t take part in the token sale and one can only presume in the airdrop as well. To purchase TRW tokens you’ll need to complete a KYC.

Members of the Telegram group asked whether they need to do the same to receive airdrops and it seems that you don’t need to. I could be wrong regarding this, but hopefully not. Completing a KYC is always such a drag.

The airdrop ends 30 June 2018.

TRW Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: 300 TRW tokens

Total token value: $25 according to third-party sources

What you need for the airdrop: Email address & Telegram Account

Referral program: Triwer has an affiliate program for the token sale where you can earn 10% commission on all tokens purchased via your affiliate link.

To claim Triwer tokens you’ll need to visit their website, enter your email address and click “Join Token Sale”. This will help you register an account with Triwer. Once logged into your dashboard click on the “Airdrop” button.

Next, join their Telegram group here, fill out the airdrop form as shown below and click “Save Airdrop Information”.

The Triwer airdrop is really easy and if the information I gathered regarding the fact that a KYC is not needed for to claim your free tokens, then it’s an easy $25 worth of tokens.