Review – A Quick & Easy Way To Get Airdrops

Getting airdrops, AKA free cryptocurrency tokens, or coins can often be super fun and simple or just plain irritating. Take this weekend for instance. I’ve spent probably double the amount of time searching for legit airdrops for my airdrop challenge that I can easily complete.

I ended up listing only two legit airdrops on my blog and a few more I’ve completed needs things like a KYC (proof of address, personal documentation) or I needed to wait for some kind of message on Telegram. It’s all bit irritating.

I want to search, find it, complete it and blog about it.

I’m a busy person I don’t like wasting any amount of time, ever. Needless to say, getting free crypto airdrops shouldn’t be hard. That’s where it’s often so clear to me that technical people (developers and blockchain specialist), being as clever as they are, don’t always look at things from a user standpoint or marketing perspective.

When an ICO announces they will be doing an airdrop to the community in order to generate awareness there are a few things I want to know:

Is this airdrop real (just some random Google form) or fake?

How many supposed tokens will I get delivered into my Ethereum wallet (that’s if they actually hold their end of the deal and really deliver)?

What will each token be worth or at what price will it be sold at during the public ICO period?

Will I be able to actually use the tokens once the ICO period is ended? In other words, will it be for a closed system or tradable on exchanges and if so, which ones?

When will tokens be delivered into my wallet address?

Surely these aren’t hard questions to answer and really not much efforts need to go into the presenting the information accurately. I think it says a lot about a blockchain project’s team and ability if they get this process right.

If they can’t provide a free airdrop effectively to the crypto community then it feels like I don’t even want to take the time to read more about their ICO.

Surely I can’t be the only one that feels this way?

Moving on to better things

Now that I’ve finished my rant, let me introduce to you. Unlike most airdrop listing websites out there, they’ve decided to approach ICO promotion with airdrops slightly different. Not perfect, different, but with a little less effort and since that’s something I look for in an airdrop I thought writing a post about it would be a great idea.

This is the screen you get when you visit their website:

How does work?

Essentially they are a blockchain marketing program/company that allows airdrop participants to register an account with In your account dashboard, you have to add things like your Telegram/Twitter/Facebook username, Ethereum address etc.

Once you’ve registered and verified your account, you can browse a few airdrops and complete the steps required to claim airdrops.

I’ve already completed two airdrops. One for Kryptobits and another for Flycare. These were your typical “Follow our Telegram/Twitter, like our Facebook” type of claims. Really simple and easy. Each one took me less than 5 minutes.

That’s how an airdrop should be if you ask me. Now I have time to actually research the ICOs and isn’t that what it’s really about?

Here’s a look at my dashboard and the tokens I’ve already claimed:

Pros and cons

What I didn’t like:

Not all information is provided the way I want. With both the airdrops I completed I don’t know how many tokens I will get and exactly when I will get them. Also, sometimes the token value is also missing.

They do offer a referral program, but details are a bit vague.

Easy fixes if you ask me, yet don’t write them off just yet.

What I liked:

The simplicity of it all. Just register an account, go through the list and do the tasks. It saves a lot of time and you get access to ICO airdrops that aren’t normally mentioned anywhere else.

That’s special and means you probably won’t fall prey to scams.

Either way, Token Drops is worth checking out and registering an account with. I’m definitely going to keep on claiming airdrops with them.

Maybe I should send them an email to get more information on some of the questions I have. In the mean time…

Sign up to here.