Telos TLOS Airdrop EOS Fork Guide

Recently I learned about a blockchain project started by EOS block producers that did not receive enough votes to become elected. They plan on forking EOS, call it Telos and it will have a different governance model compared to the original EOS blockchain.

Since the point of this post is only to inform you about the airdrop or free tokens you can receive from this fork, I’m not going to go into many technical details.

I did find a video from an awesome YouTuber that seems to have lots of experience and definitely talks more sense than I would be able to.

Also, check out the white paper over here:

Important information: TLOS tokens are only for EOS holders and is based on the original airdrop snapshot of June 2018.

Telos Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: 1:1 ratio to EOS ERC token snapshot with a maximum of 40000 tokens.

Total token value: still to be determined

What you need for the airdrop: be part of the original EOS main net snapshot

Referral program: Not available, it’s an EOS airdrop.

Besides the details I’ve shared with you above, there aren’t any exact dates (at least what I can see) for tokens to be delivered. I’ll keep an eye on this project and update the post when I get more information.

Remeber to visit the Telos website and read the white paper if the notion of an EOS fork interests you.