Superbloom SEED ICO Airdrop Guide

Superbloom SEED Airdrop tokens

Superbloom (SEED) is a cryptocurrency platform built on Stellar with the goal of improving crypto trading for investors. It will give investors access to private sales, trading, and airdrops all in one location with a very sleek interface to match.

Be sure to find out more about the project on their website. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any YouTube video that provides more details. I will add it as soon as possible.

Important note: Currently this airdrop and token sale are not available for residents in the United States because of Regulation S under the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are working on changing this, so be sure to check the airdrop page regularly for changes.

If You Don’t Need A Step By Step Guide – Click Here To Claim The Airdrop

SEED Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: Between 1000-4000 SEED

Total token value: $100-$400

What you need for the airdrop: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium account, Ethereum wallet, some time.

Referral program: You can earn an additional 50 SEED for each person you refer to your link.

To claim your SEED airdrop token visit this link and complete all the tasks such as following them on Twitter, joining their groups, etc. However, since the value of this airdrop is higher than usual they do require you to do more work, so it’s up to you if you’d like to spend the time doing so or not.

I for one don’t mind putting in a little bit of work to get $100 worth of free tokens.

If you know of friends and family members or have some kind of online following you can share your referral link to earn additional SEED tokens.

This airdrop offered by Superbloom is definitely a good one, not many offer tokens to the value of $100 and up to $400 if you put in some work.

Tokens will be distributed to holders during May and June 2018.

Besides getting free tokens, why should you also hold SEED?

As stated on their airdrop page, for each SEED token you hold, you will be eligible for receiving between 10%-20% of your holdings in new cryptocurrency tokens. The way this works is that Superbloom forces new initial coin offerings and companies to distribute free token to be part of their platform. Cool right?