Stellar XLM Airdrop Guide

stellar airdrop

It’s not every day that a top 5 cryptocurrency like Steller Lumens does an airdrop where users can get $25 free worth of XLM tokens. If you’ve never heard of Stellar before, it’s basically a cross-border payment/money and all-in-one system that can do transactions in a mere 2-5 seconds.

You might be asking why they are doing this airdrop? From what I could discover, it comes down to marketing and adoption. In a video from Altcoin Daily, he mentioned how PayPal once upon a time had a similar campaign. They spent millions of dollars giving people $20 to sign up for a PayPal account and the same if they referred someone.

At the end of the day, it cost them a big marketing budget but they had over 100 000 additional users which in the long run would be worth much more than their original budget.

Stellar has decided to do the same by committing $125 million and partnering with to conduct the free giveaway/airdrop and spur adoption of their platform.

The video below will provide you with more details about the project.

Important note: I’ve only recently discovered this airdrop and have already signed up myself, however, I’ve yet to claim my XLM tokens. I’ll guide you as best I can until I have more information. Also, keep in mind that it seems that you’ll need to perform some kind of KYC or identity verification to ensure that you only claim tokens once.

XLM Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: between 90-100 XLM tokens

Total token value: $25; Keep in mind that XLM is already listed on exchanges and the current price is at around $0.259.

What you need for the airdrop: Name, email address, possibly identification details, Blockchain Wallet.

Referral program: I don’t see any mention of this right now, but I’m hoping they will implement a referral program. My gut says that they will.

To get your free XLM airdrop tokens visit this link from, enter your email address, perform the captcha and click the “Join waitlist” button.

Right now that’s all the information I have. When I get more details I’ll update this page.