NEXO Airdrop Guide

nexo airdrop

It’s not often that you see a cryptocurrency like NEXO do an airdrop when they are already listed on an exchange, especially if you’re not even holding any NEXO.

NEXO allows crypto investors to get instant crypto backed loans which are powered by Credissimo (European financial group). With their system, you can get instant cash for placing your crypto in their wallet without the need for exchange fees or paying taxes while keeping your crypto.

Obviously, there is more to it than you giving you free money, it’s still a loan, but it’s a concept that should be gaining traction worldwide. Read their white paper here:

Here’s a video for a quick explainer.

Important note: The airdrop tokens are set to be delivered at the end of May. I have not seen any restrictions otherwise mentioned.

This airdrop seems like a scam – do not proceed. For more information confirm with the official NEXO Telegram group.

NEXO Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 300 NEXO

Total token value: at the time of writing this guide, NEXO is trading at around $0.3. That means 300 NEXO = $90.

What you need for the airdrop: Telegram, Google account, Twitter, Ethereum address.

Referral program: You can refer other people for a nice amount of NEXO (150 tokens). However, they need to add your name to the referral field which makes it a bit harder to do if you ask me. Best to get someone you know to refer you to those extra tokens.

To claim your 300 free NEXO airdrop tokens all you need to do is visit this link, follow them on Twitter, join their Telegram group and add your personal details. Very quick and easy.