Kasko2go ICO K2G Airdrop Guide

Kasko2go Airdrop

Kasko2go brings AI, the blockchain, and the insurance industry altogether to improve efficiency for both insurance companies and people who need car insurance.

The plan is to create a system where people that drive safely can be rewarded with low-cost car insurance and thus helping insurance companies also by generating low-risk customers for them to service.

It’s an innovative project with serious technology and research behind it. This one worth checking out for future investments.

The video explains more:

Important note: Kasko2go’s referral program isn’t the best in the world. You need to provide your own proof of people you’ve referred. It sounds like a lot of work for very little return. I’d rather just collect the airdrop tokens myself and that’s it.

K2G Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 100 K2G tokens

Total token value: 1 KTG = $0.1, 100 KTG = $10.

What you need for the airdrop: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Ethereum address.

Referral program: You can refer a maximum of 3 friends and get 30 K2G tokens per referral. You have to stay on the Telegram/Facebook group and follow their Twitter to until the airdrop is complete to claim. Same goes for your referrals.

Claim your K2G airdrop tokens by visiting their website and clicking on the “airdrop” button. Next, take a moment to read a bit more about the project and then go to the green button that says “Airdrop Form“. Now you’ll need to join their Telegram group, follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page – the usual stuff.

That’s how easy it is to collect a quick $10 worth of Kasko2go tokens.