Javvy ICO JVY Airdrop Guide

Javvy airdrop

The Javvy ICO is a project that aims to create a universal cryptocurrency wallet through the Javvy protocol. As a matter of fact, you can already download the wallet for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux over here.

With the airdrop, you’ll get a nice bag of over 600 JVY tokens that you can use to save 50% on transactions with their decentralized exchange. Something that is very interesting is the fact that their ICO soft cap is only 1000 ETH.

This means that at their Ethereum price of $200 per ETH their soft cap is only $200 000. Clearly, these guys are aiming for much more money, but it does go to show you that you don’t need billions (me overexaggerating) to make a blockchain project work.

I do have major respect for that. I think lots of investors were left with a bad taste in their mouth with all the cash grab ICOs of 2017 which ended up in failed projects.

Anyway, check out the video below for more information.

Important note: This is a super simple airdrop. Just follow the instructions. However, keep in mind that I found out about it from a third-party website. I didn’t see any amount of airdrop tokens mentioned on the Javvy page you have to complete.

JVY Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: 625 JVY tokens

Total token value: $50; 1 JVY = $0.08

What you need for the airdrop: Name, email address, Ethereum wallet, Twitter, Telegram.

Referral program: I did not see any referral program mentioned. Possibly you could reach out to the Javvy team if you’d like to promote their token sale.

To get your free Javvy airdrop tokens, visit this link and follow instructions. You’ll only need to fill in a simple form with your name, email address, join their Telegram, enter your Ethereum address etc.

Like I said, very simple. If this airdrop is really worth $50 as stated by the third-party website I found it on, it will be awesome!