How to withdraw from Binance (TRX Example)

How to withdraw from Binance using EOS as the example token

In this guide, I’ll show you how to withdraw from Binance using the TRX token as an example.

Important note: You can also follow the same steps for just about any token. However, the wallet you use might differ. I’m assuming that you already have a registered account with Binance, have bought some crypto and have a wallet beside your Binance wallet that you can withdraw your tokens to. I erased personal details for security purposes from screenshots in red.

Withdrawing crypto to cash

This isn’t really a guide about withdrawing crypto to cash.

However, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency exchange that supports exchanging crypto for fiat (something like EURO, American Dollars etc.). For me and the country I live in, Binance does not support that function. Maybe it does for you.

If it doesn’t, just send your crypto to an exchange that does. This could be something like Local Bitcoins which currently supports 248 countries. Keep in mind that depending on the crypto you want to withdraw from fiat/money you might need to convert it to something like BTC, LTC or ETH that is paired with a fiat currency.

Either way, let’s get into withdrawing from Binance.

How to withdraw from Binance? Step by step

Step #1 – Log into your Binance account

Visit the Binance website and click login in the top right corner. This step is self-explanatory and very simple. Your login page should look something like this:

Step #2 – Navigate to your account balances

You can do that by hovering over the little person icon in the top right corner of the screen and clicking in the “Estimated Value” row.

Next, you’ll be directed to your account balances screen. This is basically your Binance wallet where all your coins and balances are kept. it will look something like this.

Step #3 – Click withdraw and add your wallet address

For this example, I will be withdrawing some TRX tokens I received as an airdrop a while ago. They actually just showed up in my Exodus wallet, to be honest. Either way, next to TRX I’m going to click on “Withdrawal”.

Next, you’ll be directed to a screen where you’ll need to enter your TRX wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw. I’m going to use my online Tron wallet for this example and withdraw all of the 47 TRX I have in the account.

Once you’re done adding all the details, click the submit button. Take note that each token costs money/crypto to withdraw. The less withdrawals you make the lower the cost. Try to be clever and do bulk transactions rather than many little ones.

Step #4 – Confirm the transaction

Since I have 2-factor authentification on my Binance account they require me to verify the transaction via SMS and email. You’ll need to click “Send SMS” and enter the code Binance sends you.

Binance will now send you an email in order for you to confirm the transaction. Wait for it to arrive in your inbox and click the link inside the email. However, before that happens, you should get a notification similar to this.

Go to the inbox of the email connected to your Binance account and click the “Confirm withdraw” button within the email.

After confirmation, your screen will look like this:

Step #5 – Receive the token in your wallet

Depending on the blockchain and token you’ve just withdrawn it could take between a few seconds, minutes or more to receive the token in your wallet.

It took a few minutes, but I received the TRX in my account. See the screenshot below:


Easy to withdraw from Binance isn’t it? No worries I’m not judging. There was a time where I was second-guessing every single step I made with regards to crypto. You need someone every once and a while to show you how to do something right and then you’ll figure out the rest.

Be sure to copy/paste your wallet address and not type it in manually to prevent any errors. You don’t want to mistakenly lose your funds.