GID Coin ICO Airdrop Guide

GID coin airdrop

The GID coin ICO project merges the mining industry with blockchain, more importantly, gold and diamonds. GID coin is backed by real assets which are meant to make the price of the coin more stable.

According to their website, they speculate that the value is free from market sentiment such as news – maybe they were referring to gold and diamonds and not the token itself.

I wish their website had more information. I couldn’t even find a link to the white paper (maybe I missed it), but really, I should not have to look for it. I did end up finding it on their Telegram channel.

Here’s a link to the white paper.

The white paper describes the GID coin in the following manner:

We want to make international currency covered by two most valuable precious goods in the world, powered and secured by Blockchain.

This is an interesting concept. Can it work? Will it be a success? If you plan on actually investing in the ICO, you should be asking all those questions and many more. However, we’re only taking part in the airdrop – for now at least.

Important note: The airdrop ends at the end of the ICO period as with most blockchain projects. It seems like you’ll need to do a KYC to withdraw/exchange GID tokens, however, this might only be for those invested in the ICO – I’m not sure, but I’m mentioning it either way. Only 30000 GID will be airdropped so I’ll complete this one as soon as possible if I were you, since their Telegram group has over 10000 members already.

GID Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: 0.5 GID tokens

Total token value: $10; 1 GID = $20

What you need for the airdrop: Email address, Ethereum wallet, Twitter, Telegram account.

Referral program: No referral system listed at this point. They did mention that users with followings on YouTube or a blog could contact them for a custom setup. I might end up contacting them myself. Send them an email at

To join the GID airdrop is very simple. Visit the airdrop page here, follow them on Twitter, join both their Telegram groups and fill out the Google form. I am usually against Google forms, but at least this one is on the ICOs website’s page, so it does not look like a scam.

This is a very easy $10 airdrop and who knows, maybe this coin can become a good stable coin alternative. More research is needed, and definitely a better presentation of information on their part if you ask me.