First Trading Ecosystem FTEC ICO Airdrop Guide

FTEC airdrop guide

First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC) is an ICO project that aims to simplify trading by placing a multitude of services into one easy to access first of a kind ecosystem. They aim to make trading easy for a beginner and advanced cryptocurrency traders. All of the key important networks and tools are placed into a holistic system that includes things such as bots for arbitrage, automatic trading, airdrops, analysis, and reporting.

Needless to say, it will make the life of any crypto investors so much simpler. I know myself that trading crypto can take a lot more time than you think.

Here’s a video explaining more:

Now that you know more about FTEC let’s take a look at the airdrop they are offering.

Important note: Apparently only the first 38400 users can get the free FTEC airdrop tokens. From the looks of it, they have not reached that limit yet. However, they provide very little information on it, so I’m not 100% sure. However, for a few clicks, you can potentially get $15 worth of FTEC tokens.

FTEC Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 520 FTEC

Total token value: $15

What you need for the airdrop: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter account, Ethereum wallet

To claim your FTEC tokens, click here, where you’ll be directed to a Google form (very unprofessional if you ask me). Next, you’ll need to follow the instructions and links given by joining both Telegram groups listed, liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter and entering your Ethereum address.

Here is the form link again if you missed it:

If you’ve made the cut, you should see a screen like this and receive your free airdrop tokens once FTEC launches on the exchanges. Okay, so they say tokens will be sent after the main token sale. Just make a note of that.