Get free Tether USDT ($40) with OKEX

Free Tether airdrop

Recently I discovered that the OKEX cryptocurrency exchange is given away $40 in Tether or USDT for new users signing up the exchange.

If you don’t know what Tether is, it’s a stable coin, one you can really use in this crazy volatile crypto market. Here’s a video that explains what Tether is.

Important note: There are many conditions to getting your free Tether tokens. I’m going to explain it all in detail below. However, know that only new users from the UK and Thailand are eligible. You also need to register between 19-23 November 2018.

How to get your free Tether tokens?

Find all the details from OKEX here.

  • Only new accounts with UK and Thailand residents
  • You need to be in your country of residence to claim
  • When registering you’ll get $10 USDT, when depositing $5 you’ll get the rest of the $30 USDT
  • You need to register between 19-23 November 2018

There you have it, a nice extra bonus in a market that has been everything but nice.