Escobarcoin ICO ESCO Airdrop Guide

ESCO airdrop

Escobarcoin is a medical platform blockchain project focused on the medical industry in terms of rewards, health insurance, health pensions and more. The ICO is set to launch on 20 May 2018 and to kick off the campaign they are doing a very generous 500 token ESCO airdrop.

Find out more about Escobarcoin here:

Important note: According to their company roadmap, they plan to get listed on the exchanges in Q3 of 2018 so it might be a while before you receive your tokens or they serve any real value.

ESCO Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 500 ESCO

Total token value: 1 ESCO = 0.1, 500 ESCO = $50.

What you need for the airdrop: Telegram, Email, Ethereum address.

Referral program: The referral program allows you to generate 10 ESCO for each person you refer. Not the most lucrative referral program if you ask me, but better than nothing.

To claim your 500 ESCO airdrop tokens you’ll need to register an account here. Next, they will send you a confirmation email in order for you to confirm your account. Keep in mind the email might take a while to deliver. Mine took almost 60 minutes to arrive in my inbox.

Be sure to join their Telegram channel and paste your ESCO campaign code in the group. The Telegram bot will pick it up and your account will show 500 tokens.

It should look like this: