EOS Lynx Mobile Wallet

EOS Lynx Wallet

Recently, someone in a private Telegram group I’m a part of shared a link about the EOS Lynx wallet. After writing my SimplEOS wallet post and setting it up I was naturally very interested to learn more another wallet.

The wallet is not available yet, but I’ll share with you all the information I have and turn this into a wallet set up guide as soon as possible.

Who created the wallet?

WorkCoin is responsible for the development of the EOS wallet and says they wanted to assist the EOS community with a fast and secure wallet that’s easy to use.

They made the announcement on their Medium blog post here.


This will be the first of a kind EOS mobile wallet supported on both Android and iOS devices (at least what I’m aware of).

With EOS Lynx you can create accounts in mere seconds. According to their website, the first 1000 users can do it for free, so go and sign up with your email ASAP!

You can securely import your EOS account into the wallet similar to SimplEOS using your private key. Apparently, it’s encrypted with military grade tech (I’m not even going to try to act like I understand what is meant by that) but it sounds pretty cool.

You can transfer EOS tokens in mere seconds and a lot faster than Ehtereum and Bitcoin counterparts.

All features are created with EOS core values in mind such as zero transaction fees and transparency.

Remember to sign up as a beta user at https://eoslynx.com

I’ll keep you posted on any developments and update the post as soon as the wallet officially launches on Android and iOS.