EOS Evolution (EVO) Airdrop Guide

EVO airdrop

The EOS Evolution airdrop was the second airdrop, after eosDAC, that I heard about in the past few months. Off course there are other EOS airdrops like the Carmel token which I’ve already covered, but this definitely feels more official as it follows the EOS airdrop model I’ve come to known.

Basically, EOS Evolution moved away from the EOS model since they believe the EOS project is not as decentralized as it claims to be. They decided to create their own blockchain using EOSIO software where everyone has equal voting rights and will be airdropping the same amount of EVO tokens to all EOS holders, not based on purchasing power.

Keep in mind that this comes with some limitations such as having at least 25 EOS in a registered wallet (more on this later).

It can be all pretty confusing if you don’t understand EOS itself and I’m sure some clever developer or crypto specialist will be disagreeing with me on some points. I’m just trying to explain it in the simplest terms possible.

This video explains the concept behind EVO:

Important note: You need to own EOS tokens to claim your EvolutionOS (EVO) tokens.

EOS Evolution Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 12287 EVO tokens

Total token value: I have no idea what it’s worth. Will the exchanges determine this?

What you need for the airdrop: EOS tokens and a registered EOS wallet.

Referral program: No, this is not the usual type of airdrop.

You don’t have to do much other than wait for your tokens to arrive in order to receive EVO tokens.

For more specific details on the EOS Evolution airdrop take a look at the following blog posts:

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What does the future hold for this project?

Right now the future is very unclear if you ask me. Details seem very vague and not everything is explained in a simple way. No roadmap or real white paper exist. Maybe there is no need for it because it’s not a traditional ICO, but still.

I personally hope that something good comes from this project since getting 12000+ free token isn’t a bad thing at all. Now it just needs some value and you could be adding a nice holding to your current portfolio.

Find out more by joining their Telegram group and following them on Twitter.