Decryptionary – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Dictionary

Decryptionary review

When it comes to new markets, trends or products, it can often be a tedious process to gather information and it might be scattered everywhere. What if you can visit a website that explains cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the most basic level – even with stick-figure illustrations?

Welcome to the Decryptionary – The Simplest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Dictionary.

The Decryptionary isn’t a revolutionized idea, but a very timely and useful one (yes, I am maybe a bit jealous I did not think of it myself). On the home page of the site, users can search for cryptocurrency and blockchain related terms from their list of over 200 dictionary items.

Questions such as “What is cryptocurrency?”, “What is bitcoin?”, “What’s a blockchain?” and more are answered there.

Then there is also the user-friendly and much-needed walkthroughs. The reason I say “much-needed” is because that exactly what it is. To a person that is not very technical, the world of cryptocurrency is very intimidating – not to mention, tedious.

Ask me, it took me a few weeks just to get started with crypto and understand some of the key terms and I’m a fairly technical person. Understanding key terms, creating a wallet, buying your first cryptocurrency is all very complicated for a beginner.

The cryptocurrency world needs easy to use guides and websites like this to help spur mass adoption of the technology and get more investors involved.

What’s great about the guides on Decryptionary is the fact the each one comes with illustrations (this helps a lot especially when content starts to get technical and to makes it less boring).

Visitors can even download the guides in PDF format to read offline.

Topics include getting started with crypto, buying Bitcoin, investing in Altcoins, wallet, and account safety as well as white paper researching for initial coin offerings.

Also, Dani (the founder of Decryptionary), is working on a premium video course that tackles more novice topics such as diversifying your portfolio and more which should be coming out soon.

Apart from my own site, I will definitely be recommending beginners to Decryptionary in the future.