Carmel ICO Airdrop Guide

Carmel airdrop

The Carmel airdrop was one of the first I did for my airdrop challenge which has brought a nice 100 CARMEL tokens which will end up being worth $100 in value when the ICO is launched. is also a blockchain project build on EOS and one that makes it a little tricky to claim your free airdrop tokens (more on that later). It’s a blockchain learning platform with tokenized rewards that promote a decentralized learning experience.

Dallas Rushing, all round crypto cool guy and leader in the space (subscribe to his channel if you haven’t already) made a video about it:

Important note: This is a super simple airdrop in terms of the effort you have to put in. However, you need to own EOS within your Metamask wallet to claim to free tokens.

Carmel Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 100 CARMEL

Total token value: at the moment (during the ICO period) it’s being sold at a 75% discount for $0.25 per coin. If I’m not mistaken, the end value once listed, will be $1 per coin. That totals at $100.

What you need for the airdrop: Email address, Ethereum Address.

Referral program: They offer a referral program which can earn you 50 CARMEL for up to 5 friends. This means you could end up earning 250 CARMEL.

To claim your tokens visit this link, register an account and click the “Claim Tokens” button.

If you aren’t logged into your Metamask wallet and have some EOS in there while trying to claim your CARMEL tokens, you’ll get the following error: You need an EOS stake in order to claim Carmel Tokens. The link previously mentioned shows you how to fix it if you are serious about claiming the tokens.

Get your free Carmel airdrop tokens here: