CareerChain ICO CCH Airdrop Guide

careerchain airdrop

I opted to complete the airdrop process for the CareerChain ICO project although they were using Google forms and had very little (possibly none at all) information about a free token giveaway on their site.

If you’ve been a frequent visitor of my blog, you should know by now that I don’t normally like Google form airdrops as they tend to turn out as scams. Hopefully, it’s not the case with CCH.

CareerChain is a project focused on the job/HR industry. The idea is that a job seeker can create their profile once and then through the CareerChain system apply everywhere. As an added benefit nobody controls a user’s profile, data is owned by them, they remain in control. Sounds pretty good to me.

However, my first thought is that they are going up against some stiff competition of sites that are already very much established in the industry. I do love the idea of controlling my profile and not needing to do it all at once.

So it seems that they will be partnering with businesses already established in the job seeking space, motivate them to use the CCH tokens and further adopt the solution.

Take a look at the white paper here.

CCH Airdrop

Amount of tokens you can get: 5 CCH tokens

Total token value: $5 (third-party source)

What you need for the airdrop: Email address, Ethereum wallet, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn account.

Referral program: none available

Visit the Google form here and fill in the details asked for. You’ll need to follow them on Twitter, join their Telegram group, join their newsletter – all the usual.

I know this a very low-value airdrop, I mean $5 isn’t much, but I still like the idea of this project.