All you need to about the Binance referral id & affiliate program

binance referral id and promotional program

According to the Binance referral ID or affiliate page, some of the top affiliates have made commissions of 115 – 186 BTC. At today’s Bitcoin price of around $5600, that’s around $644000 – $1000 000. That’s insane! It’s hard to say how accurate that number is, but Binance has been know to be legit in most things they do.

Here’s a screenshot of those statistics:

The fact remains, there is a huge opportunity working with the Binance affiliate program. In this post, I’ll help you get started by providing you with all the needed information on the program, referral ID, rules, ideas and more.

What are the Binance referral program rules? How much can you earn?

Visit the referral invite page to see all the rules and commissions. This can be subject to change. At the time of writing this (November 2018), the rules are as follows:

#1 – Take note of all the program detail rules and read through them carefully.

#2 – You will receive 20% commission on trading fees from the user that signs up through your affiliate link.

#3 – If you hold 500 BNB (Binance token) your commission rate will double to 40%. This means that you’ll need to buy BNB tokens if you don’t own them already.

#4 – You can refer an unlimited amount of users.

#5 – Always make sure when referring users to use your unique referral ID or QR code.

How to join the affiliate program and get your referral ID?

In order to be able to refer users to Binance and get a commission, you’ll need to be a Binance user yourself and probably go through some verification steps.

Join Binance here, fill out your details and just follow the necessary steps. It’s really as simple as that.

Once you’ve joined Binance or if you’re already a Binance user, you’ll need to do the following:

#1 – Log into

#2 – Click on the referral program link. It should look something like this when you log in.

#3 – Copy your Binance referral ID to use it to get users to sign up through your link.

Alternatively, you can also use the QR code provided which I think is a nice additional option.

Tips for promoting Binance and getting commissions

There are many ways to promote the Binance referral program. Some of the most popular ones that come to mind include posting them in YouTube descriptions, forums, Reddit, blogs and more.

I’ve already created a post where I list a ton of crypto affiliate and talk about promotion ideas here.

Withdrawing from Binance

Once you’ve earned enough BTC and you want to withdraw it from Binance, be sure to read my “How to withdraw from Binance” tutorial to find out how to do so.


In bear markets like the one we are faced with right now, or any market for that matter, it’s nice to earn some additional crypto to balance out potential losses. Be sure to check out my “How to make money with cryptocurrency” post over here for more earning ideas.