Bank Future Exchange BFEX ICO Airdrop Guide

BFEX airdrop

The Bank Future Exchange (BFEX) ICO project is a decentralized peer to peer lending project that connects lenders and borrowers while benefiting from a blockchain based system.

The platform hosts a first of its kind decentralized credit score, social credit score, KYC processes on the blockchain and will include a BFEX wallet that users can use to purchase goods with.

Although I have seen previous lending based platforms launched like Ethlend, this one seems interesting and worth looking into. Take a look at their website here:

The video below will put what Bank Future Exchange wants to accomplish in better perspective:

Important note: Airdrop instructions are fairly limited and they don’t mention any countries that aren’t allowed to participate. Luckily it literally takes 5 minutes to complete the tasks, so it’s a win-win.

BFEX Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 50 BFEX

Total token value: Currently 1 ETH = 2,467 BFEX. If 1 ETH costs $743, then 1 BFEX = $0.3. In total, you’ll receive about $15 (50×0.3) worth of tokens.

What you need for the airdrop: Telegram, Google account, Ethereum address.

Referral program: According to the very nice admin lady from the Telegram group, the referral program will be launched when the public ICO goes live. This will happen between 1 July – 31 August.

To claim your 50 BFEX airdrop tokens, all you need to do is complete this Google form, and follow their instructions by joining the Telegram group and entering your details. It’s that simple!

I’ll update the post if I hear any news regarding the referral program!