best ico to invest in 2018

The Best ICOs To Invest In For 2018

We are faced with an amazing opportunity with cryptocurrency in 2018 and possibly for many years to come. If you can accurately discover the best ICOs to invest in 2018, you could potentially see astronomical returns on your investments.

In this guide, we’ll look into just that. I’ll lay out the options before you and help you get closer to your dream of making it big with crypto. Who knows, you could just as well be part of the elite few who experience 5x, 10x, 20x or even more return on their investments.

Important disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrency and ICOs are highly risky, especially when investing in initial coin offerings (ICO). This information is not supposed to be financial advice. It is my own opinion and meant for educational purposes. Remember to do your own research and make your own investment decisions.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get started! (Last update for this page – 16 September 2018)

Options available to find the best ICO to invest in 2018 & beyond

person laying out investment options on a white boardThe way I see, you have two real options when it comes to investing in ICOs.

#1 – Leverage experts and their knowledge

#2 – Do your own research

Think about it for a second. You probably landed on this site because you searched for something like “best ICO to invest in” in Google. You’re obviously looking for a recommendation on what to invest in.

Either you find specific advice, recommendations, or picks from an expert or someone that seems to have more knowledge than you that you can act on, or you need to do your own research.

If you’ve never invested in an ICO, or even if you have and with some success, I believe that leveraging experts and their time is the best solution.

You’ll probably need to do some of your own research even if you’re recommended a specific ICO, but compared to researching something from scratch, it’s so much better.

Either way, let’s take a closer look at both options since not everyone landing on this page will have the same level of expertise, skills, resources, time and investment capital available.

Option #1: Leverage the experts & utilize the Keys To Freedom Newsletter

keys to freedom newsletter review

What if you can access an investor or group of investors who’s been part of the cryptocurrency community for years, in the trenches researching ICOs and understand markets?

What if these experts even made picks such as EOS at $0.70 which a few months ago reached highs over $20 per coin? That would have meant a simple $100 investment in EOS would have generated around a 28x return on your investment.

This is only one example of some of the picks Keys To Freedom have presented to their subscribers in their monthly newsletter. The fact is that the Keys To Freedom group with Dirk, Derrick & Mitch leverage their expertise, knowledge, experience, contacts, and the team of researchers to provide you with the information you can act on that can change your life.

Keep in mind, it takes time to compile (their newsletter reports often take more than 100 hours to compile), run a community and provide support and can’t be expected to be free.

For this option to work, you need to be willing to invest in your education.

Features of the Keys To Freedom Black Ops membership

-A monthly newsletter containing their thought on current markets and picks of ICOs/coins to invest in

-Private Telegram group

-Access to research articles, educational and training videos

Pros of investing in your education and joining KTF

-Expert advice: First and foremost not only do you get access to experienced investors from the creators of KTF, but also the private Telegram group where likeminded individuals help each other to grow and prosper.

-Staying up to date: With KTF you receive a newsletter that keeps you up to date on the market and most recent developments.

-ICO/Coin picks: Wouldn’t you feel much safer investing in an ICO if you had someone analyze the project’s team, token purpose, demand for the project and all the ins and out beforehand? Many initial coin offerings are often very technical and I personally very often need someone to explain or dumb it down for me.

Besides that, the world of ICOs can be full of scams. If you’re not an experienced investor, choosing an ICO to invest in on your own could be just as well as going to a casino and trying your luck there.

-Time-saving: Besides the monthly picks, this could be one of the biggest benefits. Investing in crypto, researching, checking the market for updates, reading up on the latest technology is extremely time-consuming – especially if you’re not experienced in investing or with cryptocurrency.

Take a look at what a member said about time:

image of a testimonial from the Keys To Freedom program

Cons of joining KTF

-Cost: The biggest barrier to entry or to join the Keys To Freedom newsletter, is the cost. Currently, they charge $2997 for a year’s subscription. Keep in mind that you get access to all past newsletter and ICO picks with a long list of educational materials – and a ticket to their live event in Bangkok Thailand.

Although I’d like to think the benefits outweigh the cost, if you are low on cash, joining KTF will probably not be possible for you and I would not recommend it as well.

If you’re low on cash, rather save up money to invest or try the investment option #2 below.

Should you join or not?

As you can see, joining Keys To Freedom comes with many benefits, all of which can accelerate your learning and propel you into crypto investment success. Yes, it does come at a cost, but some members have even reported making back their membership fee in record time.

Although that’s certainly not a guarantee and it depends on many factors such as what you do with the information they present you, how and when you invest, how markets react – the possibility remains.

Option #2: Do your own research

person researching initial coin offerings on his computerAlthough it might seem like I am against doing your own research when it comes to investing in ICOs, I have to admit, I actually find it kind of fun.

This is especially true when I am reading up on a project that I understand, find useful and have high hopes for. After all, your research can be well rewarded with awesome returns on your investment – if you’re good at it.

Let’s take a look at some of the obvious pros and cons.

Pros of doing your own research

-Learning a new skill: If you have never invested in anything before, or even if you have, learning how to research and invest in ICOs is a new skill you can learn. It will also be a very valuable one if you are able to become good at it.

-No cost: Essentially all you need to do your own research is a little hustle, lots of time and an internet connection. You don’t need to pay anyone anything. You’ll only spend money when you decide to invest.

Cons of doing your own research

person sitting in front of her computer learning about crypto-Learning a new skill: You might be scratching your head right now, but hear me out. Learning a new skill normally isn’t easy and takes a lot of time. Maybe it will be easy if you’re a seasoned investor, but for someone less skilled it will be a challenge.

I mean what do you look for, do you focus on the team, the product, should the project already have a working prototype, what if there are already competitors in the market, do you fully understand blockchain?

There are many questions to answer and the hardest part is, you won’t know if your method works until you’ve tested it out and actually invested money.

-Higher risk: I personally believe that doing your own research leads to even higher risk investment decisions – as if crypto doesn’t already involve enough risk. Obviously, you can limit your risk by investing small amounts or in invest in a small batch of ICOs. However, unlike the KTF group where you are part of a community, it might be difficult to get answers to questions or bounce ideas off like-minded individuals.

It basically means that you are trusting your (potentially unproven) ICO rating method or one you found online or heard from some YouTube channel.

I’m not trying to be negative – just laying out the facts. Yet, keep in mind that you might just be able to put together some kind of method of researching ICOs that bring forth success, so it’s not impossible to follow this route and generate returns on your investments.

Tips for finding the top ICOs to invest in (doing your own research)

There are many ICO research websites that list the latest blockchain projects and publish a short review. Those could be a good place to start. Here are some popular options:

YouTube is also full of crypto enthusiasts that do ICO reviews. However, be careful as some of them literally just read the white paper of a project on their video and then they call it an “ICO review”. You’re going to have to do some digging to find someone that does quality reviews and seems to know what they are talking about.

I can recommend a few YouTubers I like but they mostly make videos about projects they believe in and very little ICOs. A simple search on YouTube for best ICO for + “month” should be a good place to start.

Lastly, there are a bunch of guides floating around the internet on how to find, rate and research ICOs. Again, you’ll have to be focused and do thorough research to find those that provide real value.

My favorite one remains this guide from

Here is an interesting concept you could take a look at:

Added bonus: are ICOs dead?

If you’ve been part of cryptocurrency for long enough, especially during the past 9 months of 2018, you’ll know that the market has been struggling. Some have been saying that ICOs are dead. Sounds familiar? How many times were Bitcoin called dead, only to rise again to new highs?

This blog post puts the question of initial coin offerings being dead or not into perspective:

Just because we had a booming year for ICOs in 2017 and 2018 has been a bit different, I believe there are still lots of profits to be made and that ICOs will not fade away.


I hope this blog post has opened your mind to think a little differently about finding the best ICO to invest in 2018. I wish you tons of success!