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Stellar XLM Airdrop Guide

stellar airdrop

It’s not every day that a top 5 cryptocurrency like Steller Lumens does an airdrop where users can get $25 free worth of XLM tokens. If you’ve never heard of Stellar before, it’s basically a cross-border payment/money and all-in-one system that can do transactions in a mere 2-5 seconds. You might be asking why they …

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I can only describe the platform as something similar to Steem. It’s basically a blockchain based blogging platform where you can earn tokens for earning ratings, creating content, consuming content, inviting friends and more. On 11 December 2018, they will be airdropping 10 million TRYBE tokens. In fact, this is not the first time … EOS Airdrop Guide Read More »

Javvy ICO JVY Airdrop Guide

Javvy airdrop

The Javvy ICO is a project that aims to create a universal cryptocurrency wallet through the Javvy protocol. As a matter of fact, you can already download the wallet for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux over here. With the airdrop, you’ll get a nice bag of over 600 JVY tokens that you can use …

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AXEL ICO Airdrop Guide

The AXEL project aims to help content creators and data owners monetize their information and keep it secure. They are offering an airdrop where users can earn a few tokens for really simple tasks. To be completely honest, I almost didn’t take note of the project, but with a second glance, it looks really interesting. …

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MapCoin ICO MAP Airdrop Guide

MapCoin airdrop

Not only does MapCoin offer an awesome airdrop worth $100 in tokens, but they tackle an industry with a very innovative solution from a company that has had team members within the navigation industry since 2006. According to this project, automotive data could offer more than $30 billion for manufacturers to monetize by 2025. MapCoin …

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