My 2018 Airdrop Challenge

Part of the reason why I started this blog is that I found certain questions online with limited answers. I thought that I can help improve the internet, the cryptocurrency community and learn in between by creating detailed guides and tutorials. For my airdrop challenge, I thought I would try and see how much money or tokens with supposed fiat value I could accumulate during 2018.

The thing is that having all these airdrop websites available on the internet is great, but not all of them offer viable airdrop opportunities. For some airdrops, you need to enter into a competition, and at the moment I want to most tokens/value for the least effort (maybe this will change in the future).

That’s where my guides come in to make things as simple as possible. With my airdrop guides you can take your 80-year-old grandpa and get him to follow the instructions and even he can claim the tokens.

Here are my goals for 2018 for this challenge.

Goal #1: Make $500

Goal #2: Make $1000

Goal #3: Make $2000


Where do I get airdrop information?

Just like most of you, from around the internet, airdrop websites, Reddit, Facebook groups, Telegram groups etc.

Why should you follow my guides instead of searching for yourself?

Apart from the fact that I think it’s a pretty cool challenge, you can actually take part in it with me. With each airdrop guide, I only post information on the ones I’ve completed myself (unless stated otherwise).

I also don’t like to waste my time, so you’ll know for sure it’s the best airdrops I could find that pays the most etc. I tend to go for the ones that pay $10+. Sometimes I’ll try a $5 one, but then it really needs to be easy.

Do I add affiliate and referral links?

Yes, I do if it’s possible. Not all crypto airdrops have referral programs. However, if I have to be honest, getting you to sign up via my referral link isn’t my main goal. I would much rather grow this website, produce great content that you find helpful all the while getting as much free cryptocurrency as I can.

I personally don’t trust each and every one of the referral links I’ve published since many are built on crappy systems. The most surefire way of getting extra crypto is doing the airdrops myself. Get my drift? That being said, if you find my guides helpful and you end up signing up via my referral link, thanks a lot! If not, no worries!

Important note: I’m not located in the US so I might be able to get airdrops United States residents can’t. Also, timeframe (when airdrop events end) and how many users are allowed/have already collected is often unclear. Please don’t be mad if you can’t collect free tokens because of any one of these reasons.

Airdrop token list for 2018

Finally, my list of completed airdrops and guides. Keep in mind I’ll be adding more on a weekly basis.

CARMEL: 100 tokens, $100 value (more with referrals)

First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC): 520 tokens, $15 value

Superbloom (SEED): 1000 tokens, $100 (more with referrals)

Bulleon (BLN): 1 token, 0.1 ETH value (this only gets released in phase 10 which can be many months – probably 2019)

XDAC: 30 tokens, 0.03 ETH, approximately $20 in value?

Bank Future Exchange (BFEX): 50 tokens, $15

NEXO: 300 tokens, $90 value (already listed on exchanges)  Seems like a scam, unfortunately.

Escobarcoin (ESCO): 500 tokens, $50 value

Wizebit (WIZE): 50 tokens, $35 value

NextPakk PAKKA: 300 tokens, $96 value

Kasko2go K2G: 100 tokens, $10 value

The Accounting Blockchain: 4500 tokens, $45 value

FanFare: 440 tokens, 0.044 ETH

LockTrip: 10 tokens, $10 value. However, I never received my confirmation, but still, a good project and you are welcome to sign up.

Coinyspace: 500 tokens, value?

Westland Storage: 100 tokens, value seems to be $100.

Cybervein: 300 tokens, $15 value

Versa: 80-100 tokens, value seems to be around $10

GID Coin: 0.5 tokens, $10 value

CareerChain: 5 tokens; $5 value

MapCoin: 500 tokens; $100 value

BlockToken: 400 tokens, $100 value

Javvy: 625 tokens; $50 value

Stellar: 90-100 tokens; $25 value

Token USD value generated from airdrops: approximately $550

Note: Not all tokens have been delivered yet, referrals not included.

Important disclaimer

Any airdrops or free token giveaways mentioned on this page or The Crypto Coin Authority I am not responsible for. When creating these guides I create them to the best of my abilities and knowledge. If I get some token value incorrect or token amount, please don’t get mad. Always check for yourself and make your own investment decisions.

If you know of good airdrops I can add to my list, please contact me here.