The Accounting Block ICO TAB Airdrop Guide

TAB airdrop guide

The Accounting Blockchain aims to put accounting records and tax services on the blockchain to assist small, medium and even corporate sized businesses in their tax efforts. No matter what the size of a business, keeping accurate accounting records takes a lot of time and often costs a lot of money. The Accounting Blockchain aims to fix that.

With this project, they aim to create an accounting software suite which can help integrate businesses together and make this whole process of keeping transaction and tax records much easier.

I can definitely see this as a project meeting a very real need. However, if people would be able and willing to adapt to it, is a whole nother concern. Using the blockchain can, however, solve a lot of issues surrounding fraud and incorrect record keeping.

There have even been news in 2017 surrounding governments looking to move systems to the blockchain, so this is a very real possibility.

The video below explains more:

Important note: Nothing to note here. This airdrop is simple and straightforward.

TAB Airdrop details

Amount of tokens you can get: 4500 TAB tokens

Total token value: 1 TAB = $0.01, 4500 TAB = $45.

What you need for the airdrop: Sign up with email, Telegram, Twitter,  Ethereum address.

Referral program: The Accounting Block referral program is slightly different than your normal airdrop referral programs. You can earn 10 tokens for every person that clicks on your referral link and 50 tokens for every person that signs up through your link. It’s really not the best referral program in the world since you literally only earn $0.5 per person that signs up, but the click referral is a nice bonus.

To claim your TAB airdrop tokens all you need to do is sign up here (earn 500 tokens for doing that), next you’ll need to follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram group (2000 tokens for each). Afterward, you’ll need to add your account usernames into the field in your dashboard. Also, remember to add your Ethereum wallet address.

To check your balance, if you have referred any users, simply log into The Accounting Block website with the username and password you’ve created.

That’s all their is to it!