The Four Best ICOs To Invest In For March & April 2018

block chain ICO project image for march 2018

More investors are looking to Initial Coin Offerings for exponential returns in 2018. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, an Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a controversial means to raise funds for a new venture using cryptocurrency.

blockchain ico 2018 imageIt is often used as a source of capital for companies which are just starting up.

It provides a convenient way where companies can skip the painstaking and regulated process of raising money which is required by banks or venture capitalists.

In 2017, ICO’s underwent a massive boom and managed to generate approximately $6 billion in funding.

All this has led to an increased demand for ICO investing.

However, to be sure that you get the maximum benefits from a cryptocurrency investment, it is essential to select the right one to invest in.

Below are my four best ICOs to invest in 2018.

No profits guaranteed, by possibly you can make money with them if you play your cards right. The information listed below is based on my own opinion, research and is not financial advice.

1. Cypherium

Cypherium is an ICO that consists of developers from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft that aims to make blockchain ICOs more mainstream.

One of its primary goals is to help resolve the scalability issue in the blockchain policy and at the same time require no permission. Cypherium is among the top ICOs in 2018.

Although some feel the project and coin value will start low, over time, it should significantly increase in value. The Cypherium blockchain separates governance at both the application and protocol layers.

The CEO, Sky Guo, believes that Cypherium is not only capable of resolving several scalability issues in the world of initial coin offerings, but also help blockchain technology become mainstream.


2. Rentberry

Rentberry is the latest ICO that has been revolutionized for the long-term rental platform and also managed to take over the rental world since 2015.

Rentberry is capable of providing very fast transactions that use several automated steps within the rental process. This system can save time for people who engage in its transactions such as a tenant and a landlord.

It can be an excellent alternative for people who want to unlock billions of dollars that are frozen in rental deposits.

The CEO of Rentberry, Alex Lubinsky, said that Rentberry is the first international solution that has helped quality renters unlock billions of dollars while at the same time make the process of paying rent, finding apartments, much easier.


3. Kyber Network

Kyber Network is an ICO project that is led by a group of people who specialize in distributed consensus and smart security. It is a decentralized exchange that provides conversion of crypto-assets.

In 2017, Kyber Network had managed to raise more than 48 million dollars, and it was officially recognized as one of the top ICO networks worldwide. As for now, it is going through a testing phase, and there are plans to launch it in the early months of 2018.

Once the ICO has all its functions working and is released, there is a high probability that it will take the market by storm. This is due to its capabilities of evolving a blockchain network by providing efficient security and other decentralization benefits.

This would be very helpful for users who are looking for a way to make payments via a proxy and also provide a more reliable cross-chain platform.


4. Omega One

Omega One is a new ICO that is expected to be launched in the early months of 2018. It is going to be the latest and cheapest way of trading tokens and cryptocurrency.

It aims to solve the problem of hacking and illiquidity. Once it becomes fully operational, it will provide users with an execution platform that is decentralized which will allow trading across every type of cryptocurrency exchange.

Omega One is expected to be the new evolution in the world of ICO as it will go on to provide upgraded trade intelligence and increased liquidity.

In its early phases, the fees charged would be re-invested into the ICO to make it more reliable for its users.


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