How to get free cryptocurrency?

how to get free cryptocurrency

We all love free things, but is it possible to get free cryptocurrency? In short, the answer is yes, but there is a catch. Before I get into that, let’s look at the difference between earning and getting free cryptocurrency.

These two methods are very similar, but I feel that earning cryptocurrency relates more to doing work in return for crypto. With the “free” method you literally get crypto for free.

If you want to find out how to make money with cryptocurrency, which I relate to the “earning” part, be sure to read this post of mine.

My Dad likes to say that nothing in life is for free. Although I’d like to differ with him, it’s kind of true with crypto. Remember I said there was a catch? Well, here are a few methods you can use to get free cryptocurrency, but it does require some very minimal effort on your end.

These include:

  • Airdrops
  • Faucets
  • Hard forks

Cryptocurrency airdrops

I’ve been doing an airdrop challenge for 2018 where I attempt to earn/get $500 – $2000 worth of free cryptocurrency through airdrops. So far I’ve received some of the tokens and some turned out to be scams.

However, I might just reach my goal before 2018 is over. Sorry for jumping the gun. You might be asking, what is an airdrop?

Basically, it’s a way for blockchain projects and ICOs (initial coin offerings) to promote their tokens. Through airdrops a project gives users free tokens and in return users need to complete tasks like enter their email address, share a site on Facebook or follow a Twitter profile.

If you choose your airdrops correctly this could be the closest to getting free crypto. Remember to check out my airdrop challenge for some of the latest airdrops I’ve completed or even join a website like Token Drops to participate in the latest airdrops.

Another cryptocurrency worth mentioning is EOS works on a different concept and uses airdrops instead of ICOs. Basically, if you own EOS, it means you will get free tokens from all the projects that launch on the EOS blockchain.


I have very little experience with Faucets, however, they follow similar principals as airdrops – complete tasks, visit a website, watch a video etc. in return for the cryptocurrency.

This video explains it best:

Hard forks

I fork is basically copying a cryptocurrency/blockchain and calling it something else. Coinbase explains it in much better detail here.

In order to get crypto from hard forks you normally need to own a certain amount of a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cash is a great example. Investors who owned Bitcoin were all eligible to receive Bitcoin Cash on a 1:1 ratio.

Currently, there is also a Bitcoin Cash fork happening which you can read about here.

The point of this is that you could potentially accumulate a lot of the cryptocurrency that plans to fork before the fork happens and essentially get free cryptocurrency.


There you have it. Now you know how to get free cryptocurrency. It’s not the ideal way to start investing in crypto, but it’s a great way of getting your feet wet.

I recommend starting with airdrops.